We need you!

Hello everyone in House District 18. I am Eddie Britton and a candidate to fill the position left vacant by Johnny Mack Morrow. It is my desire to help the people in our district by really listening to you about what our area needs.
We are just beginning to build our forces as we move closer to the fall campaign. If you would like to support our campaign, in any way, please let us know. We need you!
Please like and share this page with your friends, ask us about ourpositions on issues, invite us into your homes to discuss your wishes for our state’s future and donate to our cause. We are a grassroots campaign and appreciate every donation, whether its $1, $10, or $20.
Thank you for your help, your prayers, and your suggestions. Those who know me well - know that I am an optimist and passionate about our children’s future. I am also patiently persistent, which is a much needed character trait as we strive and plan for a Future with Hope.
My phone number is 256-436-8330. Please leave a message if you miss me and I will return your call asap. My Website is BrittonforAlabama.com, the same as my Facebook page. Or you can mail me at P.O. Box 521, Russellville, AL. 35653. I am on Instagram at eddiebritton2018 and on Twitter at ebritton2018.